2019 -- Macro Policy Charted, Outcomes Anticipated

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

We close out the year by having assembled the first full set of alternative data regarding public policy actions. It's a big milestone to see the time series assembled.

While every Metadata tag in our data lake can be searched, we selected a few examples of the time series options below in order to provide perspective on the insights and inflection points spotted by our system during 2019. Consider:

What a year it has been!

Policymakers (thankfully) talked far more than they acted on the trade war front.
That spike in rhetoric regarding cryptocurrency policy certainly illustrated a Facebook/Libra impact, but the bigger policy story was the consistent directionality of policy activity both before and after the Libra announcement across a range of areas, including ICOs and cryptocurrency trading.
Brexit rhetoric noise obscured important policy activity to prepare for England's EU exit....not only in London but also in Europe and globally.
And while policymakers were squabbling over high profile issues publicly, financial regulators were also taking lesser noticed but strategically significant action regarding macroprudential regulation that will impact both FinTech firms and financial institutions exposed to Brexit risk.

Next year's policy activity will build on the foundation created during 2019. Our system will of course continue collecting data, which will help us generate more interesting comparative analysis regarding reaction functions in addition to anticipating new policy trajectories as they emerge.

Are you ready for 2020? We can help.

Tomorrow, we will share with our community series of ebooks that bring together all our 2019 blog posts and publicly released data analytics on three topics: Cryptocurrency, Global Macro Issues, and Brexit. Free downloads will be available for a limited time,