2020 Interactive Brokers Webinar Series

Mark your calendars! The BCMstrategy, Inc./Interactive Brokers strategic relationship is deepening with a series of five webinars this year. The dates and topics appear below for your convenience.

All webinars will occur at the same time: between noon and 1 pm, on the East Coast of the United States. Access details can be found on THIS PAGE at Interactive Brokers about one month prior to each session.

We will spend the year mostly focused on managing headline risk and macro-policy risk. For a refresher on the distinction between headline risk and macro-policy risk, please see last week's post. Because we syndicate our research reports regarding FinTech Regulation (the monthly FinTech RegTrends Report) and Cryptocurrency Policy (the weekly C | P | C Report) at Interactive Brokers, we also have scheduled a February webinar focused exclusively on those two topics.

  • February 4: Hedging Headline Risk in 2020 --- providing views on how to think about policy trajectories for the rest of 2020 regarding Brexit, Cryptocurrency/Stablecoin Regulation, and Trade policy based on what our platform is currently capturing.

  • February 12: FinTech and Cryptocurrency Regulation: Emerging Trends -- a deep dive into FinTech, Crypto, and central bank digital currency (CBDC) trends based on what our platform is currently capturing. For our report subscribers, this is also a good opportunity to ask interactive, live questions regarding trends that have been covered in our reports.

  • April 7: How To Trade The News -- Managing Your Exposure to Macro-Policy Risk -- A deep dive into strategies that can help you prepare for policy volatility around specific events with a particular emphasis on Brexit, trade policy, FinTech and Cryptocurrency regulation. Since market volatility follows policy volatility, proactively preparing for policy volatility can help hedge headline risk while maximizing opportunities to capture alpha. Time series data from 2019 as well as current 2020 data from our platform will provide concrete examples.

  • June 9: How To Trade The News: How To Hedge your Headline Risk -- Summit Season Dos and Don'ts -- Between June and November, a number of significant summits occur every year. Be ready for this year's summit season by spending one hour with us evaluating existing policy trajectories.

  • September 8: How To Trade The News: Global Macro-Policy Trajectories -- What the Data Tells Us So Far -- As investors prepare for year-end portfolio structuring, proactive assessments of policy trajectories can guide investment decisions. Join us for a look at what the 2020 platform data tells us about the direction of key policy trajectories. The early September timing provides an opportunity for investors to consider strategies and lay in positions before the big ministerial and summit sessions in October and November.

All webinars will illustrate how the Top Ten Rules for How To Trade The News can be operationalized.

We hope you will join us for one or more sessions!