Another Award

It's starting to feel like summer is awards season at BCMstrategy, Inc. Last month, the G20/BIS Innovation Hub TechSprint shortlisted our technology for their 2021 competition (details HERE). Then over the weekend, we received notification that a London-based company has named BCMstrategy, Inc. as on of the top 16 NLP innovators in Virginia.

When we started quantifying language from the public policy process, we sought to help investors make better data-driven decisions using concrete, objective data. We know that public policy risks are neither exogenous nor random variables. Now we have the quantitative data to show it. Quantified language focused on showing the global policy reaction function looks like this:

Additional visualizations are possible as well, of course.

Armed with this data, which does NOT rely on sentiment analysis to generate scores, delivered at scale via the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point, investors are well-positioned to perform serious nowcasting exercises and acquire informational advantages that generate alpha. Our 9+ layers of patented analytical automation make it easy for even the most junior analyst to start performing like a superforecaster.


BCMstrategy, Inc. is bringing the data revolution to the policy intelligence business by quantifying public policy risks word by word, sector by sector, globally, and daily. Learn more and request a free demo HERE. PolicyScope data is available for download to institutional investors through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. Derivative data, including alerts and dashboards, are available through API, FTP, and other digital delivery mechanisms.