BBG Terminal App -- Sneak Peek 1

What happens when BCMstrategy, Inc.'s data becomes interoperable with the Bloomberg Terminal? Human strategists, analysts, portfolio managers, and fund managers connect the dots faster and accelerate their ability to out-perform headline-reading bots.

Recent third party backtests show that our data delivers significant advance notice of market volatility. This is no surprise, as it is already well established that the news cycle is positively correlated to market volatility. Our patented process provides superior and early access to information that moves the markets.

Quants and volatility traders will use the data to accelerate automated trading strategies. The Bloomberg Terminal makes the charts and words available to human strategists and analysts, turbo-charged by the data-rich environment on the Bloomberg Terminal.

You can now connect the dots at the speed of light or however long it takes you to hit a Bloomberg Function Button....whichever is faster. Smarter scenario analysis and nowcasting will soon be literally at your fingertips.

More function buttons will be added based on user feedback. We look forward to exploring the frontier with our user base!


BCMstrategy, Inc. uses patented technology to help portfolio managers and strategists make better, faster, data-driven decisions that generate alpha and minimize beta risks. We do this by converting the words of the public policy process into numbers that markets can use in their factor analysis and by making the words more accessible.