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Bloomberg Terminal App (V3) -- Sneak Peek 3

Exciting times! We are now in beta with our Bloomberg Terminal App ({APPS PLCY <GO>}. Details below:

The formal launch remains a few weeks in our future. But in the meantime, our friends and colleagues with a Bloomberg Terminal can start exploring the app.

Just type APPS PLCY and hit GO from inside your Bloomberg Terminal.

You can access the power of PolicyScope data in chart form paired with market data and Bloomberg direct access to underlying documents.

We start with three issues that are key to global macro risks this year: Monetary Policy, Digital Currency Policy, and Climate Disclosure Policy.

You will find the full user guide in PDF format on the app landing page. Various screenshots will help you get started. If you have questions, just IB us during normal business hours.

Looking forward to your feedback!


About BCMstrategy, Inc.: BCMstrategy, Inc. uses award-winning technology to measure public policy risks objectively using 9+ layers of patented analytical automation. We convert the words of the public policy process into numbers objectively, automatically, and daily so that investors can make better decisions about their exposure to public policy risks using hard data. The underlying data (including 3 years of historical multivariate time series data) is available to quantitative analysts exclusively through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. Specialized signals (single factor quantitative + verbal data) are available via API for the following issue areas: cryptocurrency policy (DCVS 1) , central bank digital currency policy (DCVS 2) , and climate-related disclosure policy.

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