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#Brexit Sneak Peek

The fun begins anew in London this weekend, with the Queen's speech on Saturday kicking off an intensive few days of legislative activity in Parliament. The questions continue to multiply:

  • Will the resounding electoral victory be sufficient to break the logjam in Parliament so that the new-and-improved Withdrawal Agreement can be ratified?

  • Will the European Parliament ratify the Withdrawal Agreement as well?

  • What does it mean for companies seeking to navigate the policy volatility strategically?

  • How can firms and investors find opportunities and mitigate their risk exposures during the next round of cross-Channel negotiations?

We have chosen to make the first issue available to everyone for free. You can download your copy for free from the BCMstrategy, Inc. digital publications store HERE.

To find out more, click on the image below.


If you want to receive this data-driven policy intelligence regularly just let us know. We can configure the optimal delivery option for you and your team.

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