#Climate-related Policy Risk #Data -- The Innovation Frontier

The climate finance landscape presents a wide array of unknowns for investors and risk managers.

In many ways, measuring financial exposure to climate-related risks can be much harder than measuring emissions and climate change itself. Heterogeneity in corporate disclosures combine with the challenge of determining a net present value for risks whose shape and structure seem likely to change materially between now and 2050, particularly if the momentum for mitigation and transition efforts continue to gain momentum globally.

One under--appreciated component of the risk measurement process in this context relates to public policy itself. Normative decisions regarding regulatory requirements for disclosures from securities issuers to infrastructure spending to monetary policy remain in our near future. Important activity occurs nearly daily within the official sector but receives relatively little media coverage.

How can investors and analysts keep up with and assess risks related to shifting public policy standards? Our PolicyScope Platform provides the answer by deploying patented technology to increase the visibility of relevant activity from global policymakers....every 24 hours.

Our automated analytical engine surveys the global policy landscape daily, measuring activity levels and saving items so that analysts can be freed from the frantic effort of trying to keep up with multiple entities across the planet. Instead, strategic analysts using the PolicyScope Platform can spend less than 10 minutes daily reviewing global activity, diving into key documents as needed. They spend less time chasing information and more time on value-enhancing activities like analysis and information sharing with counterparts.

What happens when a subject matter expert uses the PolicyScope Platform on a daily basis? Consider today's newly published Issue Brief from the Atlantic Council, which includes our time series data for three issues:

Daily engagement with PolicyScope data and stored documents made it possible to deliver this kind of analysis quickly, efficiently, and productively:

Whether you use the data or combine the data with drill-down into the underlying publicly available documents, you and your team will acquire significant informational advantages -- before media coverage alerts the rest of the world that a shift has occurred.

Reach out to us today to discover how PolicyScope data can help your team measure your exposure to public policy risks or how the PolicyScope Platform can help your analysts accelerate their ability to spot strategically significant policy shifts as they occur.