Climate-related Risk Policy -- Next Steps

Updated: Jan 16

This year's much-anticipated United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) generates the expected flurry of media coverage and grandstanding alongside serious public policy shifts. How can one separate the noise from the signal?

Accelerating Access to Actionable Information

This is the question/challenge posed by the G20/BIS TechSprint competition earlier this year in Problem Statement 1. We were honored to be named a finalist earlier this year for our proposal to pair PolicyScope data with publicly available data to help decision makers discern policy trajectories as they emerge.

We believe passionately that what policymakers say and do matters. We believe deeply that informed decisions require access to clear, unbiased information about what the official sector is saying and doing. Advanced technology (and our own patented technology) thus can play a role in enhancing materially both transparency and access to actionable information.

With the TechSprint competition now over, we can share publicly the short video highlighting the main features of the dashboard we built for the competition.

We know well that markets are not yet pricing in climate risks at scale. Market participants focused on climate-related issues are predominantly still human readers. They seek access to both volatility signals AND to the underlying documents.

Consequently, we have constructed our API delivery mechanisms AND our Bloomberg Terminal App to deliver PolicyScope data alongside the underlying official sector documents associated with the data....and direct access to key Bloomberg resources, like the Bloomberg Intelligence BESGG dashboard The purpose is simple: accelerate the capacity for analysts and strategists to connect the dots faster and make better decisions by providing them with direct access to what policymakers are saying and doing....even if (or especially when?) journalists are not covering the technical policy shifts.

Get ready to take your nowcasting and scenario analysis, as well as your risk pricing to the next level regarding climate-related financial risks using our award-winning data.