Corporate Announcement -- Strategic Relationship with Brexit Partners and Strategem Partners

We are thrilled to announce that BCMstrategy, Inc. has just entered into a strategic relationship with Brexit Partners and Strategem Partners, both located in the United Kingdom.

The relationship makes available to these London-based firms data and analytics regarding Brexit and LIBOR/IBOR issues from BCMstrategy, Inc.'s patented policy risk platform for the purpose of identifying emerging policy risk trajectories. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or would like more information about how to access the data and related analytics..

The press releases can be found HERE and HERE. For your convenience, the full text of the press release regarding Brexit Partners appears below.


BCMstrategy, Inc. and Brexit Partners

Announce Strategic Relationship

London, England and Alexandria, VA (16 December 2019) – BCMstrategy, Inc. and Brexit Partners are pleased to announce the launch of a strategic relationship to provide advanced data-driven analytics regarding Brexit issues to clients globally.

Powered by data delivered by BCMstrategy’s patented policy risk measurement technology, and incorporating strategic analysis produced by both Brexit Partners and BCMstrategy, Inc., the strategic relationship will deliver next-generation analysis and actionable intelligence regarding emerging geopolitical and regulatory policy trends associated with Brexit as well as the transition to new benchmarks.

BCMstrategy, Inc. believes that these tools will deliver significant informational advantages and operational efficiencies for analysts and strategists that engage with the public policy cycle. “We are committed to helping professionals at companies of all sizes read smarter and connect the dots faster when it comes to the often chaotic news cycle,” said Barbara C. Matthews, Founder and CEO of BCMstrategy, Inc. “We welcome the opportunity to work strategically with Brexit Partners to provide next-gen policy intelligence tools to a broad set of companies.

Dr Ray Nulty, managing director for Brexit Partners, said: “We can now be clear that the UK will leave the EU by 31 January 2020. After that, there will be five months before the UK Government has to decide whether to extend the negotiations on a new trade deal. If the Government doesn’t ask for an extension, then the transition period will end on 31 December 2020. Most organisations remain ill-prepared or have yet to prepare fully for Brexit. The window for preparation is closing and organisations need to fully understand the implications of the UK leaving the EU and to establish practical contingency plans that are not just a paper exercise. It’s not just about internal processes and exposure to sterling — organisations also need to think about the strategic implications for the economy as a whole, their customers, supply chains, technology, public infrastructure and capital markets. Firms need to approach Brexit as a strategic and transformational change and use it as an opportunity to future-proof their organisations.”

“Partnering with BCMstrategy, and leveraging their powerful Brexit data-analytics, gives us the unique ability to help organisations better understand the strategic, regulatory and policy issues regarding their Brexit challenges. We are excited to be partnering with BCMstrategy at this crucial stage of the Brexit process.”

Background on Brexit Partners: Brexit Partners is a specialist Brexit strategy and execution organisation. We have undertaken over 50 Brexit project to-date. We were formed as a collaboration between experts from financial services, management consulting, academia and public policy who have been involved from an early stage in advising firms, industry trade bodies and governments on Brexit. For more information, visit .

Background on BCMstrategy, Inc.: BCMstrategy, Inc. is a start-up technology company providing users with an interactive platform that quantifies public policy risks using patented processes. The data enables professionals to read smarter, connect the dots faster, and make better decisions using concrete, objective, transparent data derived from the public policy process. For more information, visit



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