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#Cryptocurrency #AlternativeData De-mystified

We know that language-derived data presents unique and novel challenges for portfolio managers, risk managers, and strategists. 2022 will bring a great deal of public policy activity given the Biden Administration's Executive Order designed to accelerate regulatory activity in the United States.

Backtests show that our data delivers advance notice of market volatility regarding BitCoin prices. Market participants will face a fair amount of policy-related volatility. We are here to help you make the most of the alpha opportunities using our patented data.

You can display our data alongside internal dashboards that pair our patented data with cryptocurrency market data:

Or you can access our data through the Bloomberg Terminal App {APPS PLCY <GO>} and pair it with a broader range of tradeable assets including reserve currencies:

Either way, you can't get momentum, volatility, and signal data from any other vendor because our metadata tagging process that converts words into numbers is fully patented.

See the full use case HERE.

DCVS Use Cases_March 2022
Download PDF • 392KB

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