Data Industry Award for BCMstrategy, Inc.

We are thrilled to announced that BCMstrategy, Inc. has been named one of the most innovative predictive analytics companies in the Commonwealth of Virginia by Data Magazine!

Data Magazine's selection critieria was rigorous across four vectors

  • Innovation in ideas, route to market, and product

  • Growth (rate & strategy)

  • Management

  • Societal impact

We are honored by the recognition on the predictive analytics side given the large number of predictive analytics companies that spin out of the defense and intelligence sector in our neighborhood.

We are also thrilled that Data Magazine sees the bigger picture on the societal impact side.

We talk a great deal about how our data helps portfolio managers anticipate policy-related market volatility and about how our language-derived data can help both markets and advocates (not to mention governments!) anticipate policy decisions accurately. But the reality is that our patented data-driven approach to analyzing public policy has a strong positive impact on society as a whole. Being able to use objective data to make clear decisions decreases the risk of being distracted or misled by misinformation and a noisy newscycle, as we discussed in this December 2019 blogpost. Investors, citizens, and stakeholders all benefit from increased access to actionable, objective information.


About BCMstrategy, Inc.: The company helps portfolio managers and strategists anticipate market volatility related to public policy/headline risk and take strategic market positionsby delivering quantitative volume-based objective data drawn directly from the public policy process paired with data generated from media coverage from fact-checked journalism publishers like Dow Jones and ThomsonReuters.

Volatility signals are available via API regarding these issue areas: Digital Currency Policy; Climate Finance Policy, and Monetary Policy.

Charts, graphs, and verbal data are available through the V3 PolicyScope Data app on the Bloomberg Terminal at: {APPS PLCY <GO>}.