#Greenwashing Policy Shifts, Charted

Policymakers globally returned from their summer holidays with a mission: accelerate the green transformation by cracking down on greenwashing. Our patented technology captured the shift quantitatively:

But if you want context, have a look at activity levels for the same month last year and the momentum through 1Q2022:

Aggregate policy activity levels DECREASED in the last few months, possibly reacting to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Some analysts in September 2021 began to ring alarm bells that regulatory initiatives might actually decrease transparency levels at least among ETF issuers.

Were they right?

Or do the current spikes in action levels regarding greenwashing suggest a renewed interest in moving forward?

How are your scenario analysis, nowcasting, and investment risk models pricing in

the risk of public policy shifts?

PolicyScope data and platform users with access to the underlying language data can see which policymakers were taking action and what they were actually doing, every 24 hours. With public policy increasingly driving climate transition risks scenarios, there is no better way to measure and manage your risk exposures related to climate finance.

Thematic investors and portfolio managers responsible for sustainable investment strategies can cut through the hype, spot strategic policy shifts faster, and make solid data-driven investment decisions powered by our patented data.


BCMstrategy, Inc. uses award-winning, patented technology to deliver objective data regarding public policy shifts to portfolio managers and strategic analysts globally.