How #ClimateTransition & #MonetaryPolicy Are Linked

European policymakers love to issue major statements on July 4th, when most American analysts and strategists are celebrating Independence Day. Yesterday was no exception. Fortunately, our patented technology includes an automated process that never takes a vacation. So when we logged in to our #V3BloombergTerminalApp this morning and saw the spike in monetary policy for yesterday with the top item involving three intriguing keywords (inflation, financial stability, carbon transition)

we had to take a look. This is what we found:

Markets are fretting about the EUR cross rate with the USD and the price of energy as we enter 2H2022 with most expecting a deteriorating in the energy supply situation due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. But few commentators are discussing the impact that the ECB's GreenQE will have on asset prices, the energy transition, and the economy as a whole in Europe.

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