How To Trade The News 101

Regular readers of this blog will remember that last year we entered into a strategic relationship with Interactive Brokers to help investors manage headline risk strategically. Over the course of the last 12 months, our engagement has delivered a multi-dimensional set of materials from blog posts and webinars to online course work and, most recently, syndication of selected reporting from our patented platform.

A recent conversation at the turn of the year has inspired today’s post. Specifically, I was asked whether we could provide in one place all the different components of the How To Trade The News Series. Ask and you shall receive. One conversation with Interactive Brokers last year has generated six different streams of content designed to help investors measure and manage their exposure to public policy risks.

How To Trade The News Blog (2019) – Top Ten Rules

This is where it all began. Ten blogposts over 14 weeks, identifying systematically how to avoid being trammeled in the markets by headline risk. The Top Ten Rules (with hyperlinks to their home at Interactive Brokers) are:

Rule 1: Be Objective

Rule 2: The Trend Is Your Friend

Rule 3: Be Strategic

Rule 4: Understand The Role of Economic Data

Rule 5: Be Relentless

Rule 6: Be Flexible

Rule 7: Understanding Leaks

Rule 8: The Importance of Nowcasting

Rule 9: The Role of Alternative Data

Rule 10: Distinguish Between Action and Rhetoric

The series became the most popular new blog launched at Interactive Brokers.

How To Trade The News – The Ebook

At mid-year, the blogposts were assembled in one place within an e-book. Going through the rules in an hour or so in one sitting without having to flip through different webpages helps provide the big picture needed to craft a consistent and comprehensive plan of action.

You can find the book HERE on our website.

Why do we charge $5? Efficiency gains. You will save far more than $5 worth of time when accessing the blog posts through this book.

How To Trade The News – Traders Academy Training Course

Also at mid-year, we recorded a training course at the Interactive Brokers studios in Connecticut. It was great fun to work with many of the Interactive Brokers team members in person and we tweeted about it at the time. We have one module per rule; each module is under ten minutes.

The great thing about the course is that it is interactive. We programmed quizzes at the end of each module so that you can cement your knowledge about each element of the process before moving on to the next one. The course is free and available to all logged in Interactive Brokers clients. You can access it HERE::

How To Trade The News Webinar 2019

In the autumn, we held our first webinar with Interactive Brokers. This was a lightening round that ran through each of the rules quickly. We featured a few case studies and answered questions at the end. Interactive Brokers clients access that webinar on the Interactive Brokers Traders Academy page, their YouTube channel and the BCMstrategy, Inc. YouTube channel.

or you can stay right here and watch it without leaving this blogpost!

How To Trade the News Blog 2020 – Predictive Analytics and Practical Advice

During 2020, the Interactive Brokers blog channel will focus on how to handle specific headline risk situations as they appear in the markets. Yes, we will use our platform data to identify inflection points and details. We will also continue to provide practical suggestions for which of the Top Ten rules are in play. And we will continue to use charts from our blog to illustrate various strategic options.

Our first post was last week. It illustrated how rigorously following Rules 1 and 10 would have generating superior insight into geopolitics and trade priorities in a week when missiles were literally flying in the Middle East. You can read that post HERE. Written on Monday, published on Tuesday, it also illustrated the predictive analytics capabilities of our patented data platform.

How to Trade the News Webinar Series 2020

During 2020, we will be providing four webinars (roughly quarterly) to Interactive Brokers on topics of interest. When we have finalized the schedule, we will let you know!