#Inflation Policy Risk, Charted

The data, policy, markets reaction function regarding monetary policy is firing on all cylinders as the annual IMF/World Bank/FSB meetings kick into high gear. What does it look like when public policy risks regarding inflation are converted into numbers? Have a look:

Our internal research consistently shows that when action values meet or exceed rhetoric (media coverage) values, then an inflection point has arrived.

Event risk and volatility traders understand intuitively that an inflection point at the margins of the IMF/World Bank annual meetings is inevitable. Now they have the numbers to prove it. And now, they can apply numerical nowcasting to the policy process itself in addition to the economic data. Better decisions regarding monetary policy risks await at the touch of a button.

Bloomberg Terminal users can see the charts in our app on the Terminal: {APPS PLCY <GO>}

Institutional customers can acquire data feeds directly from our APIs.

Coming soon: tickerized monetary policy data delivered additionally via the AWS Data Exchange!