Monetary Policy Dramas and Surprise

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It is no secret that policymakers in general and central bankers in particular have been fixated on rampant inflation during 2022. Their policy efforts to contain inflation include a sophisticated communications campaign to describe their commitment to curb inflation.

But savvy analysts know that spotting policy pivots requires dedicated attention to two additional economic policy priorities: consumption and GDP growth. These two areas will provide signals about whether and when hawkish monetary policy globally will start to slow inflation through the consumption channel and when demand destruction might begin as visible through GDP growth.

Not surprisingly, the dynamic through 2Q and 3Q2022 has seen inflation dominate central bank communications, as noted in the PolicyScope macroVS1 charts above.

But note the perceptible uptick in policymaker action regarding GDP growth and consumption during September. But the volume of activity regarding these issues is significantly lower than for inflation (for understandable reasons). Policymakers are having a more nuanced discussion.

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