PolicyScope Data + Bloomberg = Superforecasting for Investors

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Press release on Bloomberg making PolicyScope data available to capital markets

Earlier today, BCMstrategy, Inc. announced that our PolicyScope datasets are now available to capital market participants through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. You can read the full press release HERE.

Regular readers of this Disruption and Data blog know that the informational advantages associated with using PolicyScope time series data generate considerable alpha generation opportunities for investors. The reason is simple: the structured analytical data provides perspective on emerging inflection points when official sector action out-paces rhetoric.

Since it takes some time for the media cycle to report on the action, PolicyScope data makes it possible to make concrete data-driven decisions concerning policy risk trends based on concrete facts, not opinion. Our patented process does not rely on sentiment analysis, ensuring that all data is objective from detection and throughout the route into our data lake.

PolicyScope alternative data benefits and use cases

Direct access to the .csv files through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point turbo-charges analytical opportunities by enabling investors to customize alerting and other functions specific to individual portfolios and internal proprietary trading algorithms. The data provides another layer of insight for trading decision support, risk management, and scenario analysis particularly for global macro and sectoral traders.

Many policy shifts are small, technical matters that may not attract media attention but will impact the economics of an investment position materially. Investors equipped with automated data delivery through the Bloomberg portal will be able to spot inflection points faster and more accurately than those relying on headline reading bots or more traditional information gathering techniques.

Asset managers taking positions with investment horizons longer than a few days are uniquely exposed to public policy risks. This is particularly the case regarding positions sensitive to exchange rate and regulatory policy shifts. Until recently, pricing the exposure to embedded public policy risks was not possible because objective, reliable structured data did not exist to support policy risk measurement. Our patented process is therefore a game changer.

The pandemic and geopolitical repositioning among China, Europe and the United States will intensify sensitivities to public policy risks during 2021. We are ready. Our partnership with Bloomberg means capital markets participants with in-house data scientists will be ready as well. And if you don't have a data scientist or don't want to engage directly with the structured data, don't worry. We have you covered as well. Our API delivers widgets and dashboards customized to individual customer needs. No issue is too obscure or technical.

The end result is that capital markets participants using PolicyScope Platform data during 2021 will be armed with data that supports nowcasting utilities for public policy. They will be in position to conquer headline risk rather than react to it.

With a new U.S. Administration taking office and key policy issues likely reaching inflection points during 2021 (particularly 5G, data privacy, the LIBOR transition, the Brexit aftermath, COVID-19 fiscal and monetary policy, and digital services tax issues), the time could not be better to start working with our patented alternative data. We look forward to helping capital market participants navigate the challenges.


BCMstrategy, Inc. uses 9+ layers of patented analytical automation to convert the words of the public policy process (unstructured data) into structured integers for the purpose of measuring public policy risks and anticipating outcomes. The company provides a range of products built on the data from APIs and dashboards to Bloomberg integrations to analytical and scenario analysis products.

PolicyScope data is available through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

Customized widgets and dashboards are available via API HERE.

Analytical scenario analysis (The Scenarios -- twice monthly) and daily global macro analysis of platform data (The PolicyScope Risk Monitor) are also available.