PolicyScope Data Now Mapped to Industries & Asset Classes

The innovation cycle heated up at BCMstrategy, inc. during 1Q2021, accelerating our product development work. Markets seek faster and better ways to automate the connection between our policy risk data and their internal processes.

We are meeting the moment by mapping to industry sectors and asset class designations.

900+ lexicon terms have been mapped to 101 economic sectors and 8 asset class types. Read the press release and see the 30-second video below for details.

This makes our data immediately interoperable with a broad range of automated analytical and alerting mechanisms used internally by capital markets.

Investors and strategists can now program their internal systems to identify which technical global policy moves will impact which specific economic sectors and asset classes automatically using PolicyScope data.

Having completed the mapping, we are also in a good position to provide guidance on how to align our map with standard third party codes like GICs, ISO, SIC/SEC and NAICS.

We will soon also be making available to our Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point (BEAP) customers an additional mapping layer. BEAP customers will receive data mapped specifically to NAICS.

For non-Bloomberg customers, our data is delivered via API/FTP utilities configured with alerts and customized to specific interests. Please contact us to get started today.