QOTD -- #Brexit

Earlier today (9 January 2020), the House of Commons passed on the first try the Withdrawal Agreement, thus taking one more step towards Brexit. The Agreement now moves to the House of Lords. The policy trajectory is now firmly set towards leaving the European Union with a deal.

The Agreement as amended in 2019 by PM Johnson (and the failed amendments defeated this week in London) provide a great deal of detail on how Brexit should be implemented. For now, the PM commands a strong parliamentary majority that is taking action without last year's angst and policy volatility.

While the Withdrawal Agreement is important, the next phase of negotiation with the EU is more important and no less complicated than the Withdrawal Agreement. So all policy attention now shifts to the UK-EU bilateral free trade agreement talks.

For a clear steer on policy trajectories, yesterday's read-out from the London meeting between PM Johnson and Commission President von der Leyen tells us everything we need to know about the opening gambit from the UK: