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QOTD -- Coronavirus, Financial Stability & CBDCs

When the BIS put the finishing ouches on the BIS Quarterly Review, many probably thought that their focus on payments, CBDCs and FinTech would generate a great deal of attention. The most significant of these shifts appears at the end of the report, which focuses on central bank retail use of CBDCs and distributed ledger technology.

But since the report release occurs amid an intensifying global public health crisis, the technical policy shifts are likely to be lost in the noise of the news cycle. Unless of course one uses our platform. The link between economic/CBDC policy and coronavirus economic/financial policy is clear from the statement released by the BIS regarding the report:

Policymakers in Basel are taking a victory lap regarding post-financial-crisis-reforms amid intensifying concern regarding supply chain disruptions. Since we do no yet know the full extent of the economic disruptions, taking such a victory lap seems risky to us.

  1. Last week, the BCMstrategy, Inc. platform began tracking the global economic and financial regulation policy shifts associated with the Coronavirus Update. We have also launched a #coronavirus channel on our open Slack workspace where we will share insights and daily platform data regarding global policy initiatives on this topic.

  2. For more information on how the BCMstrategy Inc. policy monitoring platform can accelerate your ability to identify strategically significant developments please contact us. If you would like to join our free and open Slack channels, we will be glad to send you an invitation if you reach out to us.

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