Company Announcement -- Slack Channels

BCMstrategy, Inc. continues to expand the channels through which our friends and customers can access advanced insights powered by our patented data platform. Regular visitors to our sight will have noticed the Slack icon which now appears on our site. We have created open Slack channels for purposes of sharing insights regarding a range of issues.

The specific open channels are:



#cryptoregulation, and


BCMstrategy, Inc. tweets on these topics automatically appear on the #general channel. We may add more channels on specific issues, based on customer feedback.

Right now, we are flirting with adding channels to cover #globalmacro, #ESG disclosures and the #LIBOR transition to alternative benchmarks. If you have views on which channels we should add, let us know!

In addition, our Slack presence includes complementary access to a Google calendar which tracks and alerts you in advance regarding major announced geopolitical meetings for 2020.

Private channels and customized, confidential Slack integration options are also available for customer-specific work. If your company is on Slack, contact us today to explore integration options regarding our policy risk momentum data and/or our time series data for individual issues.

All BCMstrategy, Inc. blog subscribers and site members will soon receive an invitation to join our Slack channel.

If you are not yet a blog subscriber, please either send us your email or subscribe to the blog in order to join the BCMstrategy, Inc. channel today!