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Thank You, President Biden

People often ask why our patented process measures action as distinct from rhetoric. The political science, technology, and math of it are endlessly interesting and we could discuss it for hours. But the core truth is that actions speak louder than words.

And today, President Biden publicly noted that the most powerful leaders in the world also prioritize action over words:

Mr. President: we agree! In fact, we agree so much that we patented a process that measures action levels in public policy words across the five factors that drive decision-making. Public policy drives price action. We measure the action and the volatility which create financial market risks so that it can be managed better and faster based on fact, not opinion.

Capital markets can now shave as 10-22 days between policy action and price action by using our objective data to spot momentum building even in highly technical issues that do not generate media coverage.

Why would you waste so much time (10-22 days) reading so many words and opinion when our language-derived data can help you find actionable insights so much faster powered by 9+layers of patented analytical automation?

Time is money. Firms that already acquire institutional feeds from media publishers can place our data alongside those inputs to accelerate their ability to spot the delta between concrete action and media coverage.

You can call it information triage. You can call it an alerting process. You can call it a volatility measurement process. The label does not matter. What matters is that you can literally connect the dots faster and better, increasingly the accuracy of your nowcasting, scenario analysis, risk pricing and, of course, alpha generation using a modern data-driven approach.

Bonus for quantitative finance, risk management, and nowcasting experts everywhere: our patented process translates those words into the language you speak: numbers.

Bonus for thematic investors everywhere: our API delivers that data to you in the form of highly targeted signals regarding digital currency policy, monetary policy, climate finance/disclosure policy.....and more.

Bonus for Bloomberg Terminal Users and global macro strategists everywhere: Charts, graphs, and highlighted PDFs are available right now at your fingertips when you use {APPS PLCY <GO>].

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