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The Expanding #AltData Economy

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Bewildered by the bourgeoning number of data streams available to support pre-trade decisions and purporting to provide decision intelligence? Trying to sort out what digital identity and data protection regulatory policies will do to your current consumer-oriented data feeds?

You are not alone.

The data economy expansion is very far from peaking. It may not even yet have reached critical mass. Data vendors, data generators (like ourselves), data marketplace platforms and buyers are all exploring how shifts in both the demand and supply sides will impact business models in ways that help more people make data-driven decisions.

The only thing clear at this stage is that hedge funds will soon not be the sole buyers of alternative data at scale. And as we noted earlier this year, we soon will not be referring to "alternative data" at all.

To see the full analysis, check out our latest LinkedIn essay: To see how industry experts reacted to the essay, see this influential weekly newsletter.

About BCMstrategy, Inc.: The company helps portfolio managers and strategists anticipate market volatility related to public policy/headline risk and take strategic market positions by delivering quantitative volume-based objective data drawn directly from the public policy process paired with data generated from media coverage from fact-checked journalism publishers like Dow Jones and ThomsonReuters. Volatility signals are available via API regarding these issue areas: Digital Currency Policy; Climate Finance Policy, and Monetary Policy. Charts, graphs, and verbal data are available through the V3 PolicyScope Data app on the Bloomberg Terminal at: {APPS PLCY <GO>}.

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