The Frontier of #AlternativeData

When we set out to quantify the language of public policy risk with our patented technology, the solution seemed so obvious. Converting the words of the public policy process into numbers automatically and objectively, without a normative overlay, would provide portfolio managers, strategists, and advocates with a more efficient and effective mechanism to make data-driven decisions.

Our loyal blog readers have followed this journey for the last few years, seeing how policy language quantification provides insight into official sector decisions before they are made. Recent backtests confirm the quantitative data also provides a reliable anticipatory signal of market volatility in the S&P, the VIX, and BitCoin prices.

Others are only just starting to climb the learning curve. The responsibility of those on the frontier of innovation is as much to educate as it is to generate value for early adopter customers. So we are pleased to announce today the launch of a new LinkedIn Newsletter:

Twice a month, the newsletter will address the big issues at the intersection of alternative data, language quantification, and market volatility.

We look forward to your feedback and questions.


BCMstrategy, Inc. uses patented technology to convert the words of the public policy cycle into numbers that portfolio managers can use to measure public policy risks and anticipate related market volatility. The data is available on the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point. Signals (including machine-readable, structured language data) regarding cryptocurrency and CBDC policy are available via API. Charts and documents will be available on the Bloomberg Terminal in early 2022.