The New Verticals: Climate Risk, Big Tech, Digital Currency

We are thrilled to announce that BCMstrategy, Inc. is meeting the moment by expanding the precision and scope of the PolicyScope Platform.

Effective immediately, we are now providing daily, global, automated and objective measurements of public policy risks regarding five detailed policy areas:

  • Big Tech Regulation

  • Digital Currency Policy (both CBDC and privately issued tokens)

  • ESG Disclosure Regulation (for both issuers and intermediaries/investors)

  • Digital Tax

  • LIBOR transition

Increased visibility for a range of high-profile policy issues during 2021 will further enhance investors' ability to out-perform headline reading bots to find alpha generating opportunities faster and more precisely. Risk managers and scenario analysis architects will also receive material informational advantages.

Policy activity concerning these issues does not occur every day. Sometimes the moves are so technical that they do not generate attention. Those that can efficiently spot every move have a profound informational advantage that supports smarter alpha generation, risk management, and strategic advocacy.

In other words, this is the opposite of big data. These new verticals make it possible to conduct policy risk nowcasting based on micro moves....before big data related to the public policy process has even been created.

These measurements complement broader sectoral measurements concerning COVID-19 fiscal and monetary policy, trade policy, banking policy, and FinTech policy. Bloomberg data customers receive all platform enhancements automatically at no additional fee.


PolicyScope data is available through the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

Customized widgets and dashboards are available via API HERE.

Analytical scenario analysis (The Scenarios -- twice monthly) and daily global macro analysis of platform data (The PolicyScope Risk Monitor) are also available.