Tickerized #ClimateFinance Data Has Arrived!

Sustainability investors continue to increase their demand for high-quality data that can help them measure, manage, price, and estimate the shape of risk exposures associated with the climate transition. We can help.

As we noted in our white paper series earlier this year, climate transition risks include risks related to shifts in public policy. Decisions to increase costs through a carbon border adjustment mechanism or to increase liquidity for green bonds through central bank reserves management shift supply and demand functions.

Don't just take our word for it. See what the world's leading central banks and international policymakers have to say:

Our award-winning, patented process makes it possible for firms to measure their exposure to these public policy risks. Tickerizing the data means we are now aligned with automated workflows at financial firms.

Serious sustainability investors can now micro-target their climate policy scenario analysis and risk assessment processes with alerts and quantitative analysis regarding the following five streams of policy activity:

  • CRRM3a: Climate-related Disclosures

  • CRRM3b: Greenwashing Policy

  • CRRM3c: Green Bonds Policy

  • CRRM3d: Green Transition Policy

  • CRRM3e: GreenQE policy