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What Comes Next -- Product Expansion

“Going back to normal” is no longer an option. Two weeks of primarily peaceful protests alongside looting and civil unrest particularly in the United States over America’s failure to deliver equal justice under the law underscore the point. But this was true – and we have been advising our COVID-19 Report readers of this – since the G7 economies voluntarily shuttered much of their economies back in March in order to save lives. Globally, policymakers prioritized human life at a staggering economic cost the full extent of which remains unclear. Over the course of the last four weeks, we have increasingly seen global leaders pivot past the pandemic to start thinking strategically again. All policy choices are now being explained in relation to COVID-19, but that does not mean that they are necessarily or even predominantly about the pandemic. We are moving forward to meet the moment at BCMstrategy, Inc. Product Expansion When we started the COVID19 Report, we anticipated that the daily data-driven analysis would last 3-4 months. We have acquired monthly recurring revenue. A growing number of strategists and analysts are engaging with our analytical time series data, not just regarding COVID-19, but also with respect to LIBOR, Brexit, CBDC, and trade policy issues. The COVID19 Report itself increasingly addresses these issues now that the emergency policy activity has peaked. So today we announce an expansion for our COVID19 Report....and a new title to match the expansion. Starting with today’s edition, the PolicyScope Risk Monitor will focus on global macro issues that appear in the PolicyScope platform daily. The pandemic has not ended. The exit from emergency measures lies months, if not years, in our future. The next phase of policymaking will become more difficult. While policymakers around the world shared an immediate imperative at the start of the pandemic, the path towards exit will be a function of economic evolution that will impact different countries differently. Among other things, the pandemic is accelerating the geopolitical rebalancing between the United States, Europe and China. It is challenging many established elements of economic theory. The differential economic impact of the pandemic-related lockdown measures is adversely impacting different parts of the economy unevenly, often with the most vulnerable bearing the heaviest load in terms of job losses and health risks. As the current time series data illustrates for COVID-19 policy: the scale and scope of repositioning will be massive when it begins.

All the policies that created this mountain of economic protection from the pandemic at one point will have to be dismantled. Unlike the onset of the pandemic, however, the path out of emergency measures will be uneven, disjointed, and asynchronous. Strategic policy formation is profoundly interactive and interactive. What one jurisdiction does on any given day impacts the remaining choices available to policymakers the following day. Our platform and our daily analysis –drawing from global inputs -- will continue providing our customers with a daily ring-side seat to assess inflection points as they emerge. When COVID-19 policy drives daily momentum, we will note it. When geopolitics or technical policy moves dominate the date, we will perform a deep dive into the issue and deliver plain English analysis. We understand and appreciate the moral imperative driving people into the streets right now. We understand that when values and human life are on the line, it can be difficult at a personal level to devote energy to technical policy in different areas. But we also know that policymakers have a job to do.

  • The great geopolitical chess game among the United States, China, and Europe is not going away...if anything, pandemic-related issues are intensifying and accelerating shifts among sovereigns.

  • Shattered supply chains will have to be rebuilt. They will also have to evolve to meet the challenges of the digital and data revolutions in addition to the pandemic.

  • Central banks will continue to experiment with digital currency options.

  • Financial regulation will continue to require refinement to address the dramatic substitution of sovereign risk for private credit risk.

  • The transition away from LIBOR to market-based benchmarks will continue to move forward.

  • Brexit is happening at the end of this year, no matter what happens.

Our patented process picks up developments in these (and other areas) automatically and globally, providing our users with the ability to dive into details and see the big picture through time series data when they are ready to deal with it. Our daily analysis (available starting today under the new title PolicyScope Risk Monitor) assesses the platform data, making the data-driven insights accessible to a broader universe of analysts and strategists. We remain focused on what we do best so that you have more bandwidth to take care of things that matter the most to you and your companies. Remaining Relevant and Responsible We wish we could do more. Our patented technology makes it possible to monitor and measure any kind of public policy formation activity. We could think of many more issues relevant to today’s national conversation in the United States that our platform could cover. But as a start-up, we just don’t have the capital to devote to programming the platform to cover new issues. We have a responsibility to our customers and our investors to continue delivering on our existing focus. The good news is that at the start of 2020 we programmed the system to capture all policy activity globally from finance ministers, central banks, trade policy officials, and legislators concerning Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues. As the time series data below indicates, while everyone was focused first on the pandemic and now on race issues, our platform implacably was capturing policy initiatives regarding public company disclosures of ESG issues and various green issues.

So when our customers want to start asking questions about how public companies are meeting the demands of the market regarding more responsible leadership, our platform will be able to tell them whether – and which – policymakers have been asking them to do the right thing even before the pandemic hit. Conclusion Going back to normal is no longer an option. The economic and social upheaval caused by multiple simultaneous disruptive developments in technology, health, ecology, and the social justice movement will press policymakers to make changes large and small to the rules that govern our societies. BCMstrategy, Inc. does not have a crystal ball. But we do have the next best think -- a patented technology process that captures every incremental move made by policymakers anywhere on the planet daily. The resulting data illuminates the trajectory of policy far better than anything else. If you seek an informational advantage powered by patented technology, start using our data now and be ready for what comes next.


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