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What Cubism Tells Us About #AlternativeData

Our latest LinkedIn essay regarding alternative data. Specifically, how alternative data delivers the capacity to see new dimensions and generate new perspective on familiar objects. Yes, we include a concrete mini-case study.

Our conclusion:

Alternative data helps portfolio managers and strategists
literally connect the dots
across their multi-dimensional cubist data collections
far better than their counterparts
who are still reading one word after another
in a linear manner.

About BCMstrategy, Inc.: The company helps portfolio managers and strategists anticipate market volatility related to public policy/headline risk and take strategic market positionsby delivering quantitative volume-based objective data drawn directly from the public policy process paired with data generated from media coverage from fact-checked journalism publishers like Dow Jones and ThomsonReuters.

Volatility signals are available via API regarding these issue areas: Digital Currency Policy; Climate Finance Policy, and Monetary Policy.

Charts, graphs, and verbal data are available through the V3 PolicyScope Data app on the Bloomberg Terminal at: {APPS PLCY <GO>}.

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