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Data Profile

300+ lexicon terms

Three Major Policy Sectors: Digital Currency, Monetary Policy, Climate Finance

Nearly 200 policymaker input sources, including all major global reserve currency central banks

High-quality, fact-checked media inputs

Daily delivery

Delivery Methods

Only Available to Bloomberg Terminal Users : {APPS PLCY <GO>}

Quantitative Data

Daily notional volume measurements of global activity

Mapped to 300+ economic sectors

Objective -- no normative overlays

Draw dynamic multivariate time series charts focused on either policy sector or economic sector.

Interoperable with Bloomberg equity futures market data (WEIF) and individual portfolio data (PORT)

Award-Winning Patented Technology

Our patented process converts words from the public policy process into numbers that measure activity levels and momentum towards a policy decision.  We measure activity before a decision is taken.

Finalist: NATO Innovation Hub Challenge

Finalist: G20/BIS TechSprint Challgenge

Verbal Data

PDFs with highlighted keywords available for immediate download

Interoperability with key Bloomberg analysis via function buttons for BI (Bloomberg Intelligence) and TREN (Bloomberg News Sentiment Analysis).  

Use Cases

Portfolio Managers/Risk Managers

Pre-trade Automated alerts

Scenario Analysis

Factor Analysis

Bloomberg Terminal Users

Strategic Analysis

Portfolio Thesis/Idea Generation

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