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training data for ML/AI predictive analytics and generativeAI

Decision  Intelligence

Powered by patented tech


--Ethically sourced

Public Policy Data

At. Your. Fingertips.

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Databricks Marketplace

Conquer Public Policy
Information Overload with

next-gen ML/AI training data

Strategic Policy Shifts 
signals & dashboards 

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Energy & Climate Policy

Climate-related Disclosure | Greenwashing | Green Bonds 

Renewables Policy: Hydrogen | Solar | Wind | Geothermal | Nuclear | Biofuels

Carbon-based Energy & Emissions: ETS | Carbon Pricing | NatGas | Coal | Oil

Tickerized to sovereign fixed income + key sectoral indices

Reinvent your Daily Morning Horizon Scan

see trends and connect the dots as they emerge

with tech tuned precisely to the frequency of the policy process

Monetary Policy

Inflation | GDP Growth | Consumption

Labor Markets | Wage Growth | Unemployment

Bond Yields | Funding Markets | Asset Purchases | Financial Stability

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Objective Public Policy Momentum & Volatility Data

for serious market strategists and advocates

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Digital Currency Policy

Crypto | Stablecoins | CBDC


DeFi | Tokenized Finance


Digital Euro | Digital Dollar | Digital Pound | Digital Yen

Tickerized to top digital & reserve currencies + key market sectors

Anticipate Outcomes

using backtested quantitative data

generated directly from policies that drive headlines & move markets

with award-winning, patented tech that helps you see around the corner. 


daily automated .csv files

Delivery via Databricks Delta tables with a starter Notebook

4000+ market tickers, including every asset in the Russell 3000

key momentum/volatility signals

Choose your Data Experience

Strategists & Advocates
Interactive dashboards

generative AI interface option

direct access to source materials


Ready to join the
data revolution?

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