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training data for ML/AI predictive analytics and generativeAI

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Decision  Intelligence

Powered by patented tech


--Ethically sourced


Public Policy Data

At. Your. Fingertips.

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Thematic Verticals

Energy & Climate
Energy Types
Renewables | Hydrogen | Nuclear | Fusion | Fossil Fuels
Policy Types
Carbon Emissions Reduction | Green Finance | 
Climate-related Disclosures | Environmental Justice

Digital Currency
Crypto | Stablecoins
okenization | Distributed Ledger | Payments

Monetary Policy
Inflation | GDP Growth | Interest Rates | and more

Every asset in the Russell 3000
Top 4 Reserve Currencies + BTC & ETH
Major U.S. Sector Indices
VIX | Thematic ETFs   

customization options available

Conquer Public Policy
Information Overload with

next-gen ML/AI training data

Strategic Policy Shifts Faster with
signals & dashboards 

Reinvent your Daily Morning Horizon Scan

see trends and connect the dots as they emerge

with tech tuned precisely to the frequency of the policy process

Monetary Policy

Inflation | GDP Growth | Consumption

Labor Markets | Wage Growth | Unemployment

Bond Yields | Funding Markets | Asset Purchases | Financial Stability

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Objective Public Policy Momentum & Volatility Data

for serious market strategists and advocates

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Energy & Climate Policy

Climate-related Disclosure | Greenwashing | Green Bonds 

Renewables Policy: Hydrogen | Solar | Wind | Geothermal | Nuclear | Biofuels

Carbon-based Energy & Emissions: ETS | Carbon Pricing | NatGas | Coal | Oil

Tickerized to sovereign fixed income + key sectoral indices

Anticipate Outcomes

using backtested quantitative data

generated directly from language that drives headlines & moves markets

with award-winning, patented tech that helps you see around the corner. 

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Digital Currency Policy

Crypto | Stablecoins | CBDC


DeFi | Tokenized Finance


Digital Euro | Digital Dollar | Digital Pound | Digital Yen

Tickerized to top digital & reserve currencies + key market sectors


daily automated .csv files

Delivery via Databricks Delta tables with a starter Notebook

4000+ market tickers, including every asset in the Russell 3000

key momentum/volatility signals

Choose your Data Experience

Strategists & Advocates
Interactive dashboards

generative AI interface option

direct access to source materials


Ready to join the
data revolution?

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