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Data Profile

190+ technical monetary policy terms

25+ monetary policy segments

Nearly 200 policymaker input sources, including all major global reserve currency central banks

High-quality, fact-checked media inputs

Daily delivery

Delivery Methods


Machine-to-machine delivery of quantitative and verbal data.

V3 (Bloomberg Terminal App)

Charts, graphs, and PDFs delivered to human readers on the Bloomberg Terminal {APPS PLCY <GO>}

Quantitative Data

Daily notional volume measurements of global activity

Time series starts Sept. 2021

Mapped to 300+ economic sectors

Objective -- no normative overlays

Award-Winning Patented Technology

Our patented process converts words from the public policy process into numbers that measure activity levels and momentum towards a policy decision.  We measure activity before a decision is taken.

Finalist: NATO Innovation Hub Challenge

Finalist: G20/BIS TechSprint Challgenge

Verbal Data

190+ technical monetary policy terms saved in context.

Curated, targeted language pool suitable for ML/AI training data use.

Use Cases

Portfolio Managers/Risk Managers

Pre-trade Automated alerts

Scenario Analysis

Factor Analysis

Bloomberg Terminal Users

Strategic Analysis

Portfolio Thesis/Idea Generation

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