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The ONLY Training Data Solution for Public Policy Risks

Today's political risk delivers tomorrow's policy shifts. Voters around the world are telling governments their priorities. Are you ready for what comes next as the new governments take office?

The next generation of #alternativedata derived from policy language using our patented, award-winning process delivers informational advantages and operational efficiencies for #portfoliomanagement and advocacy customers. It is the premier and ONLY training data available for predictive analytics and generative AI solutions focused on public policy.

You CAN get past headline risk with objective, tickerized data delivered daily via Databricks and Tableau.

Training Data for public policy risk predictive analytics and generative AI. Climate Risk. CBDC. Green Finance. Monetary Policy.

Use Cases Include

  • Volatility/FX Portfolio Management: Backtests show our data anticipates market volatility in key asset classes.

  • Discretionary/Strategic Climate and Energy Portfolio Strategies: Spot policy shifts as they occur so you can evaluate equity issuer management and strategic market positioning based on concrete, objective, actionable data.

  • Advocacy: Use our Tableau dashboard to track policy shifts and intersections quietly. Spot technical policy shifts as they occur, BEFORE they generate headlines. Become the trusted source for reliable information about policy activity.

  • Automated Research Assistant: Use our Generative AI chatbot powered by our training data to navigate the policy cycle faster. Export automated summaries to accelerate report writing.

  • GenerativeAI Training: Train your own GenAI bot to read and write like a policy guru, with the best training data for public policy available on the market.

Current Policy Risk Verticals (more coming soon)

  • Climate and Energy Policy Data: Whether you seek alpha from Green Industrial Policy or you want to manage risks related to the Green Backlash, or you want to create more effective climate risk advocacy strategies, CRRM3 (Climate-related Risks in 3 Dimensions) delivers the information you need to make smart strategic decisions.

  • Monetary Policy Data: Backtests show volatility in our monetary policy dataset anticipates FX market volatility by as much as 24-36 hours.

  • Digital Currency Policy Data: Spot shifts that matter regarding crypto policy as well as CBDC policy, particularly the digital euro, digital pound, and the digital dollar. This year's elections will define the pace and trajectory of these policies. Includes data on DeFi/Tokenization policies.

  • GenerativeAI Chatbot and Training Data: Trained using language extracted and structured by our award-winning, patented process. Use our chatbot as your automated research assistant. Use the structured language or tokenized embeddings to train your own model.

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